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The 'Commitment' Series


The 'Commitment' Series Book 1

It was obvious to everyone but them they were all wrong for each other. Riley is a free-spirited boho writer and Shawn is a magnetic and charismatic rapper, riding the highest crest of his career. She doesn't understand his world and he sure as hell doesn't understand hers. And what's worse, while he's never committed to any woman before, she's committed to someone else. Still, they can't stay away from each other. Along with frequent clashes of their equally strong wills, Shawn and Riley will have to face down opposition from friends, family and one extremely motivated groupie, if they want to forge a commitment that will last the test of time.

Unsuitable Men

The 'Commitment' Series Book 2

Beautiful, accomplished and a little uptight, Tracy Emerson thinks she has it all figured out, particularly when it comes to the kind of man she wants to end up with. And she knows for sure that Brendan Cole is not The One. First of all, he works in the music business, with rappers no less! His lifestyle is wholly unsuitable for a long-term partner, and not at all compatible with hers. But she can't help that she's incredibly attracted to him and also can't overlook that he's always treated her better than any man ever has. So what would be the harm in spending time with him until someone more appropriate comes along? But soon Brendan's spirit and spontaneity break down Tracy's walls and have her questioning whether her criteria for the perfect man might not be all screwed up. Then, to make matters worse, as secrets and lies from her past begin to unravel, Tracy wonders whether she might not also be a little screwed up, and not at all the kind of woman Brendan would want in his future . . .

Maybe Never

The 'Commitment' Series Book 3

The postscript to 'Unsuitable Men'. . .
Tracy is a complicated and sometimes difficult woman, but Brendan loves her anyway. Still, your lover’s foibles are one thing to tolerate when they’re just your ‘lover’. Contemplating forever is an entirely different story. What happens when there are things about the person you love that you still want to change? And what do you do when you have to face the fact that if change is what you need from them, that might happen . . . maybe, never?

The Fall

A 'Commitment' Novel

In the summer of her fifteenth year as a professor at Gilchrist College, Lorna Terry is at a crossroads and, she fears, also on the downswing of her career as the “sole remaining radical feminist in academia.” Having built her life on a theory of non-attachment, she is disturbed to find herself becoming very much attached to the somewhat younger, Malcolm T. Mitchell. A writer-on-the rise, and her college’s newest wunderkind, Malcolm is about to challenge everything she thought she ever knew about her life, her loves, and her work.

Four: Stories of Marriage

The 'Commitment' Finale

The ‘Commitment’ series finale.

Four couples, four transitions, four seasons of marriage …

Most couples wouldn’t have weathered one mistake of the kind Shawn made when he and Riley first got married, let alone emerge with a commitment that’s stronger, a beautiful family and a love that’s even deeper. Is there any way their relationship can survive mistake number two?

Whatever Brendan wants, Brendan gets. It’s an arrangement Tracy doesn’t mind, because he provides everything she needs: love, financial security and the comfort of never having to work outside the home. But now, the most important thing she wants, he doesn’t have the time—or maybe even the will—to give. With a relationship built on giving all of herself, is it fair to now ask for a piece back?

Robyn’s career is in a growth-spurt just as Chris’ seems to be at its natural end. No longer empire-building, he’s struggling with his new reality, and the need for a sense of purpose separate from his work. His wife seems way too busy to notice. That is, until someone else does. 

Once a mistress, now just a suburban wife and working mother, Keisha doesn’t recognize herself most days. The problem is, Jayson doesn’t either. If he’s reading her right, she wants out. And unless she’s mistaken, he might not mind too much if she decided to go.