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New Release 'Reversible Error'

Book 2 of the Lainey Abbott Series

It's one thing to defend a client everyone thinks is guilty ... it's quite another to defend him if you think so too.

Former ADA turned defense lawyer Lainey Abbott is beginning to worry. It looks like the rest of her professional life will be spent representing dope boys in stop-and-frisk cases, just to help keep the lights on at her and Greg Knight’s law practice. Then a star football player from an elite college shows up at their door. A young, beautiful classmate, with whom he had an erratic three-month fling, was just found dead, and right away he’s in the NYPD’s crosshairs. Could be a fairly straightforward case to defend. Or maybe not. He's Black, and the missing girl is white.

Without hesitation, Lainey agrees to represent him. She and Greg are hungry for a case like this because they know firsthand how unequal American justice can be. Soon, the ‘straightforward’ case becomes much more complicated than they ever imagined. And if that weren’t bad enough, Lainey’s relationship with Det. Russ Sanders might be unraveling. He isn’t crazy about her working on criminal defense, and worse yet with a former lover as a law partner. But the biggest test of all is yet to come, and once again, it's about her missing sister, Stephanie.

The Company You Keep (1920 × 2560 px) (1638 × 2560 px)
REVERSIBLE ERROR Email (1920 × 2560 px)
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Notebook and Pen

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Future Music: An Afterwards Novel

As part of a powerful music dynasty, Jasmin Scaife is constantly grappling with her father’s legacy and her brother’s growing stardom. With the influence of two formidable men in her life, is it even possible to find her own unique voice? Yearning to break free from the confines of the family name, Jasmin's life takes an unexpected turn when she crosses paths with Etan Arceneaux, a musician with dreams as boundless as the melodies he creates. Through Etan, Jasmin is offered a glimpse into a new life beyond her family's empire, but can their bond survive as they navigate the divergent worlds of privilege and aspiration? 

Now Available!

She dedicated her life to working for the justice system, but when she needed it most, it didn’t work for her.

On the eve of trial, Assistant District Attorney Lainey Abbott gets a disturbing phone call. Her baby sister, Stephanie, who should have been back at her college dorm after visiting for the weekend, never arrived. At first, she isn’t too worried, because she’s a system insider and has plenty of resources available to locate her sister quickly, including Russ Sanders, the police detective she’s been on and off with for years. It’ll take a couple days, tops. They’ll find Steph and give her a piece of their mind for being so irresponsible.

But a year later, Stephanie still hasn’t been found.

And what’s worse, the system Lainey once had so much faith in, no longer seems inclined to look. Reeling from the loss, her career and personal life are in freefall, and most days she can’t even bring herself to care.

Until another case surfaces, of a girl who’s gone missing under strikingly similar circumstances to Steph’s ...

Now Available!

He might destroy her. She could help put him back together. 
If it wasn’t for his music, Devin Parks doesn’t know where he’d be. Now he has a shot at a larger audience than he ever dreamed of. All he has to do, is get out of his own way. But when Devin isn’t fighting salacious rumors on entertainment blogs and rival musicians, he’s battling serious demons from his past that threaten to hold him back just as he’s poised to soar.

Harper Bailey has mixed feelings about being assigned to manage the notoriously difficult Devin Parks' mainstream debut. It’s a career-changing opportunity made much more challenging because she’s fighting demons of her own. Not to mention the persistent pull the former lovers have toward each other. Harper has handled her attraction to the artists before, but Devin is different. The draw isn’t just physical, it’s emotional as well. And getting emotionally involved with someone like him is a non-starter for her career and her heart.

Because if her instincts are correct, he isn’t just ‘difficult’, he’s broken.

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