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I live and write in Philadelphia, PA.

But the best way to get to know me is to check out these quick takes on what I'm watching, eating and reading.

So, here goes ...

What I'm Watching

... and you should too


What led me to this movie was an Instagram post on a page for Black Brits. Someone called it a 'love story to Black love' or something like that  which ... I mean, how could I pass that up? I searched for it immediately and saw that it wasn't streaming anywhere that I could find, then suddenly there it was, on Hulu, not even a week later. I watched it with cautious optimism, and after a beginning that felt a little campy and overly stylized, I got into it. Two young, urban creatives find themselves at an art show for a mutual friend on a day that's difficult for them both—they're getting over their respective breakups and doing it really, really poorly. Over the course of a day, they exchange their sad stories, eat street food, and have very revelatory encounters with their exes. A real connection develops between them, and the beginning of something that could be love. I wish there were more stories like this one, more movies like this one. Nothing huge or splashy, just funny, understated, sweet stories about the many ways unexpected ways we find each other. Watch on Hulu.


Okay, so what, what, whaaaat was that??

I love Donald Glover. He is a true creative. Whenever I watch his work, I'm amused, horrified, provoked ... but never bored. And I can never tell whether he's trying to say something profound or just letting us into the product of the last time he was high out of his mind. I'm guessing it's the latter. I have to wonder though, what all those women (and men) in the Beehive think about this one. I've already started seeing some 'Donald Glover Hates Black Women' posts online, but yeah ... nah. Whatever. I hesitate to say you'll be 'entertained' but for sure you won't be able to look away. 

Watch on PrimeVideo.

Excellent cast with Julianne Moore, John Lithgow and the nerdily-appealing Justice Smith (who you could be forgiven for believing might be related to Will Smith). I love movies about long cons. This is one of those, where there are almost no heroes or heroines, but still, people you have some car-wreck curiosity about. Sometimes, I almost don't care much about the plot, I just want to see some decent acting, so or the good actors alone, this one is worth checking out. And as a bonus, the plots not too shabby.

Watch on Apple TV+.


This movie got a bum rap. To be honest, I never would have bothered to watch if it wasn't for all the off-screen drama among the actors, not to mention the May-December romance between Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde. But having now watched the movie ... it's pretty good, y'all! And if you want to get deep with it, says a lot about what the world expects of us, and what we expect of ourselves. And if you don't want to get deep, it's a decent psychological thriller. Recommended.​

Watch on HBOMax.

I'm definitely not breaking any new ground here. But The White Lotus Season 1 blew me away. I binged it on HBOMax over the course of a single weekend because I was looking for something lighthearted. And it was ... but it was way more than that. It was a really smart look at race, class, gender ... all the things. So naturally, I was prepared to be disappointed in Season 2. But nope. Just as good and in some ways better. This one focuses more on the politics of sex than the last. Oh ... and Jennifer Coolidge is a comic genius, in case you never knew. Highly Recommended.

Watch on HBOMax.


What I'm Eating
The Savory ...

Lately, I'm super into Mediterranean food. Especially anything with lots of olives. If you're never tried it, I recommend olives on crostini with goat cheese. Check out a recipe here.

My other perennial favorite that I'm literally not to be able to live without is a well-cooked close to rare steak. Don't listen to that guy on TV. He doesn't season enough.

And The Sweet.

I'm not a big 'sweets' person, but I'm a sucker for a good Chantilly cake. The fresh berries make me feel almost like I'm not having a dessert. The one at Whole Foods is surprisingly good. Give it a shot.

And if you like classic tiramisu, I won't lie, the matcha version might not be your thing. But I was into it. Loved the grassy taste.


No reviews, just covers. The only review worth paying attention to is your own, so happy reading!

What I'm Reading
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