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Let's Unlock Your Writing Potential Together

I’m starting a new venture, y’all! Recently, during a writing slump (never a ‘block’; we don’t believe in those) I realized that when I’m not writing, I’m either reading, or thinking about my writing or someone else’s. I mean, I seriously ponder what I read. I am not a casual consumer of books. And if you’ve ever read my reviews, you know that I am more of an analytical than an emotional reader. I often have to remind myself not to wholly deconstruct a novel before answering the simple question of how it made me feel. Because despite my overly analytical nature, I honestly believe that the first rule of so-called “good writing" is to make readers connect with emotions, experiences, places, and people that they may not have access to in the real world; or to allow them to see and feel something of themselves from the safe distance of ‘reader.’


Still, analysis has its role, particularly for me as a writer. And I finally feel I may have something to offer that can help other writers who may need the distance and dispassion of another eye to help deconstruct their work and analyze it to answer questions they may have, like:


·       How do you show love on the page, other than through sexual intimacy?

·       How do I convey ‘history’ between characters without writing that history into the story?

·       How do I make a character feel three-dimensional?

·       How do I portray ‘place’ so that readers feel like they’re there?

·       How do I write trauma without traumatizing my reader?


So that’s the new venture: working with other writers to develop their work to evoke very specific emotions, sensations, places, and times. For a limited time, I’m doing FREE one-hour consultations for folks who want to try me out and see how this process might work. I say I’m doing developmental editing, but I hope it’ll be more than that. I think every writer (new or seasoned) probably has a writing mission: who they’re writing to/for, why they’re writing, and what they hope will come of their work. Rarely do we get the chance to consider those questions, and even more seldom do we get to answer them, even to ourselves. I think we can figure all of that out together. I truly believe that answering those questions with a thought-partner can help you find your authentic voice if you haven’t already done so, and maybe even unlock your full writing potential.


More on all that if we connect.


After the free session, if you want to go deeper, and do more work together, I’ll send you pricing options. Having done this in the past for writer-friends, I know it can be a fun and mutually rewarding process. I know I’ll get better at my own work for having read your work, and hopefully you’ll get better from having gotten another brain and pair of eyes determined to get to the who, why and what of your next writing project.


Book your FREE session here.

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