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Summer 2023 'Reversible Error'(Lainey Abbott Book 2)

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Can't wait to tell you more about this one. But for now, here's the blurb!

Former assistant district attorney turned defense lawyer Lainey Abbott is beginning to worry. It looks like the rest of her professional life will be spent representing dope boys in stop-and-frisk cases, just to help keep the lights on at her and Greg Knight’s law practice. Then a scared football player from an elite college shows up at their door. A young, beautiful classmate of his, with whom he had an erratic three-month fling, was just found dead, and right away he’s in the NYPD’s crosshairs. Could be a fairly straightforward case to defend. Except he's Black and the dead girl is white. Without hesitating, Lainey agrees to represent him. She and Greg are hungry for a case like this because she knows firsthand how unequal American justice can be. Soon, this ‘straightforward’ case becomes much more complicated than she ever imagined. And if that weren’t bad enough, her relationship with Det. Russ Sanders might be unraveling. He isn’t crazy about her working on criminal defense, and worse yet with a former lover as her law partner. But the biggest test of all is yet to come, and once again, it's about her missing sister, Stephanie.


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