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The Other Side of Change

I've always believed that when something no longer serves you, you have to let it go. I've always believed that. But I definitely haven't always practiced it. This time I'm gonna do it, even though it's hard.

I've been working for the last several months on a couple of wrap-up novellas for the 'Afterwards' series. The first is complete, the second, about halfway done. Except now, after edits and re-reads, I've pretty much concluded I no longer have the capacity to assess my work on that series. Every time I try, I find myself impatient, disinterested and frustrated. And I think I know why that is. My voice is changing, my focus is changing, my interests are changing. But I've been fighting that, trying to produce more content about a cast of familiar and much-loved characters who readers tell me move them, and who they find memorable, and want to revisit.

But the thing about writing is this---in my opinion, as a writer you're not just a content-creator. And the death-knell of your writing is when you start treating it like that, trying to get "stuff" out there instead of going where your imagination and instinct take you. It's totally a fear-based reaction, like hesitating to try a new haircut because people might hate it, or a new style of dress because what if it makes you look ridiculous? But, potential for "looking ridiculous" notwithstanding, I have to follow my instinct, and my imagination, both of which are leading me someplace slightly different than I've been before.

What does that mean for my planned release, 'Future Music'? Well, it's been catapulted farther into the future. Lol. And the other incomplete novella, 'Afterparty'? Same. Will I ever release them? Maybe so. But certainly not until I feel like I'm putting into them all the heart and soul you deserve, and not just trying to get you 'content'.

So, this is my note to say thank you for loving all those folks. I hope we see them again. You'll certainly see more work by 'Nia Forrester'. Sounding a little different sometimes perhaps, but hopefully giving you more people to make you love, and laugh and think.

See you on the other side of change.💕

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