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Jane Doe Black is here!

I've waited a long time to release this one, but now I feel ready for you to meet Lainey Abbott, the very flawed, very human heroine of my new three-book mystery-suspense series. Some books are slow to write, some are very fast. This one was of the latter variety. I wrote it quickly, and then sat on it for what feels like an age, while I tried to figure out what to do with it --- release independently, shop around to agents and publishers? Ultimately, my eagerness (and controlling tendencies) got the better of me and I decided to just release it to the world.

I think you'll like Lainey, and maybe even relate to some parts of her. I hope you'll like her enough to want to read two more books about her personal journey, as well as the engrossing cases she gets involved in, including one that is very, very close to home. I also hope that if you read this and the ensuing two novels, you'll leave a review. With this book--especially with this book--I want to know what you thought about my new people, and my foray into a new genre.

Jane Doe Black is available now on Amazon as an ebook, and in paperback on 2/28.

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16 de fev. de 2023

Mystery/suspense used to be my thing but not after I discovered romance and women's fiction. Well, I guess you're going to drag me back to my James Patterson days. We'll see...

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