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The Best Review Ever

The best review I ever got came on June 20th.

June 20th was my announced release date for The Broken’, the book that has been taunting and haunting me for literally years. The release was late—almost three days late which was totally my fault. But before the release the “reviews” started coming in. I mean dozens of messages from readers who of course hadn’t even read it yet, wanting to know where it was, whether it was still coming out, and most charmingly, offering me alternative platforms where I might have more control over when a book goes ‘live’.

Now, some may consider that an enervating experience, having so many people have expectations of you at the same time. And it is, somewhat. But honestly, more than that, it’s flattering. Humbling. Because not only were people eager to read the book, but they all added that they were convinced, before having read a single word, that it would be worth the experience. Like ... what?! How? This is not a humble-brag, I honestly don’t quite believe I’ve written anything to deserve that level of assurance.

But I thank you for it. Over and over again, thank you. To the person who told me she set her alarm for midnight plus one minute to go check for the book’s availability. To the person who sent me a link to Book Funnel gently suggesting I could earn more royalties by not depending on Amazon. To the person who wrote me three long paragraphs sharing her own story of abuse and redemption. To all of you posting on my Facebook wall and in Conversations with Creatives, and DM-ing on Twitter, and using that ever-present fiending junkie meme to comically express your impatience. And to my dear friend, Lily Java who acted as hype woman and camp counselor to folks wondering where the doggone book was, without once texting me, “Nia, WTF?!” as I know she must have wanted to. I appreciate it all.

It was the best review ever.


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